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A Chinese New Year campaign themed “Gathering Chinese Charms Here” launched by Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)

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A Chinese New Year campaign themed “Gathering Chinese Charms Here” launched by Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)

January 20
20:02 2020

With a lively sound of gongs and drums in three terminals at 10 a.m. on January 17th, the campaign for Chinese New Year themed “Gathering Chinese Charms Here” began its prologue by lion dance show.


Launched by Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), the four day activity from January 17th to 20thchosen on the day of the “Minor New Year” in China which more widely known as Xiao Nian which is always considered to be the starting point of the Spring Festival. This time, BCIA had gathered up all manner of Chinese traditional activities in terminals, and many tourists were happy to own the special experiences.


In the departure hall of Terminal 1, an event named “bring home best wishes for welcoming Spring Festival” won the favor of everyone, meanwhile, tourists were stimulated by various puzzle games in Terminal 2 where have the popular artificial scenes of “the warmth of going home” and “100 Flowers Hidden Deep” made tourists embracing the perfect sense of Chinese New Year and took their family portrait. At the same time, in the departure hall of Terminal 3, the Chinese traditional arts Raree Show “Journey to the West” was not fall to hold all people’s attention. In addition to these activities, there were other activities to experience from January 18th to 20th, including Facial design of Beijing opera,  Chinese knotting, and the interesting Dough Figurine.


A Chinese Zither performance from BCIA’S employees and the children from the kindergarten of the BCIA also presented wonderful live performance during the activity, expressing their sincere wishes to Chinese New Year.Not only played the children Djembe and recited poems, but their paintings have been exhibiting at NO.8 gate on the departure floor in Terminal 3 and the international waiting area in Terminal 2 as well. What’s even more surprising was the Calligraphers Li Jiantao and Feng Chao, who was invited from Beijing Calligraphers Association (BCA), written “Fu” character on the spot together with the employees and children, and then give them to passengers as the authentic Chinese New Year gift.


Tourists in the airport were inflected by the lively scenes of New Year’s campaign. The young dancer of the Meng Wuge Dance Training Institutions from Zhongjiang County, spontaneously presented a wonderful flash mob Sichuan Province of which gained speak highly.

According to the requirement of “four-driven”which means “Safety”, “Energy-saving”, “High-Intelligence” and “humanism”, BCIA will devote itself to build their service brand and to take the lead in building a humanistic airport in the future. For improving tourists’ satisfaction, BCIA committed to attaches importance to people-oriented and give the priority to Chinese Culture on one hand, and keeping to enrich airport’s social etiquette, holding a serious of cultural activities on the other.

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